The Story So Far

Cricket was brought to The Muckle Toon by a group of Yorkshire stocking manufacturers in the 1840’s.

However, the formation of what we now know as  Langholm Cricket Club actually took place in the May of 1858, when it was reported in The Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser that:“A movement has been for some time on foot to re-establish a Cricket Club here. It has met with marked success; the members already amount to nearly 30, and there is every prospect that this manly and athletic game will be carried on with great spirit.

The 5th Duke of Buccleuch (pictured right), with his wonted kindness, has given the club permission to play on the beautiful lawn in front of his Border seat.” It was on this ground that the first ever game was played on the 23rd of July 1859 against Hawick. The Common Riding Committee must have been pulling their hair out at the clash of dates, as the manly sport of cricket would surely prove more popular. Unfortunately the visitors ran out victors by 31 runs. The following year Langholm and Hawick met again in a match that was preceded by an argument over professionals, Langholm fared slightly better this time with the game ending in a tie, however a hostile section of Langholm youths took offence to the visitors and pelted the Hawick players with stones and mud upon leaving the town. This incident led to Langholm not playing Hawick again for another 19 years, fortunately now, relations between the two clubs has improved ever so slightly. Langholm continued to play at the top end of The Castleholm until the outbreak of World War Two, when the entire Castleholm was turned into an army training camp for approx. 40,000 troops.

Following the war the ground was re-situated at the bottom end where it still resides. The pavilion, or shed, at the new pitch was built at the opposite corner of the pitch to the site of the current pavilion. May records of the club were lost due to damp conditions in the old pavilion. Mentioning the current pavilion, it was built in 1962 at a cost of £1470 after an extensive fund raising campaign which included fleecing the local bookie! A match was hosted between a Border League Select XI and a Carlisle Select XI in 1963 to open the new pavilion.

There have been many great servants of the club, volunteering their own time and money to keep the club going in some way or another. These worthies to which we are forever indebted, to mention a few, include, Tom Irving, Inglis & Ronnie Tait, Ralph Jackson, the irrepressible Henry Towler, Tony Reid and Gordon Johnstone. Currently the club is lucky to have a large hard working committee who turn their hand to almost anything. It is people like those mentioned above, that we are truly thankful to, for the fact that we have a cricket club in The Muckle Toon.

The team played in the Scottish Border League since 1930 until 2011. Success has been few and far between. However, the greatest day in Langholm CC’s history undoubtedly took place on the 29th of August 1976 when Langholm travelled to St. Boswells needing a victory to clinch the Border League title which they did under the captaincy of stalwart, Gordon Johnstone. Since winning the league Langholm has really struggled to compete mainly due to a limited squad, many times dragging a number eleven out of the pub to make up numbers. How times have changed over the past 15 years with the introduction of the Langholm Junior Cricket Club and more and more children are now taking up the game. Langholm’s resurgence continued in 2007  when they were crowned Border League Cup winners after defeating Gala in the final on The Castleholm. Further silverware followed in 2008 with the club won the Border League Sixes which were  held at Langholm. The 2nds entered the Border Reserve League and won it at the first time of asking. One disappointment befell the club in 2008 despite winning all their Border League games not enough matches were completed and they were deemed not to qualify for the League so the title went to St. Boswells.

In 2011 a bold decision was taken for Langholm to leave the Border League and head for pastures new across the border in The Eden Valley League. Our first season in the EVCL proved a tremendous success with Langholm gaining promotion to Division 2 after they finished second in the league to Stainton 2nds who were the only team to defeat them. The 2013 Season saw us once again gain promotion remaining undefeated in Division 2, only the weather and one winning draw cost us the League Title. Currently Langholm are still in Division 1 and have narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premiership.